Rebuttal: Dennis Prager’s “Why Conservatives Still Attack Trump.”

Dennis Prager is one of the greatest conservative minds of our generation. He has done more and will do more for the conservative movement than I ever will. Though, it does not mean he is always right. In the same manner, what I am about to write may be lacking as well.

You see what you need to realize that everyone has a bias. First and foremost I am a Christian, and that guides my worldview above all else. I’m also a conservative because that is the logical conclusion of my biblical worldview. Therefore, even though we may have the same general worldview, it is not identical. Prager is correct we shouldn’t cease admiring one another but try to understand each other, and work to change each other’s mind. Just like a PragerU video that seeks to enlighten the viewer and change their position or worldview. We should never become like the Left, which never wants to hear different viewpoints and differing opinions.

So you are asking why conservative are still attacking Trump when so much is on the line. You eloquently state that there is a civil war going on, and if Hillary had won, it would have been close to over for America, if Donald Trump didn’t win. The biggest problem I have with this is the “the boy who cried wolf ” storyline.

I’m only 37, but I have heard this argument way too many times. You know what I can’t wait to hear one more time. 2018, it’s the most important election of our generation. Hold on a minute; I thought 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016 were the most important elections of our generation. I thought 2012 re-election of Obama was going to destroy us forever. You see if you continually make the same argument year after year, it loses it persuasiveness. You might be right this time around, but many conservatives like me are just tired of the GOP lies.

Like the lies that I am supposed to be impressed with the House replacement bill for ObamaCare. How about we realize that Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution, gives absolutely zero authority to the Federal government to do healthcare. How about just repealing it?

Bombing Assad, another unconstitutional action. It doesn’t even pass muster with the War Powers Act. I remember when conservatives didn’t want Obama to bomb Syria and stated that he had to come to Congress for approval. Now a Republican is in office; we’re all of a sudden fine with it. As our friend Ben Shapiro says, “Politics isn’t a team sport.” As conservatives, we stand up for principles, not political parties.

Calling Iran evil doesn’t impress me. I had President Bush call three countries evil. They were even an Axis of Evil. Iran is the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism and continues to violate the unconstitutional agreement with ballistic missile testing. So what does the Trump Administration do, they re-certify the agreement. I thought Trump was going to tear the agreement apart.

The U.N. the powerhouse of international action and diplomacy. Remember the time when the U.N. stopped a war and genocide. No, I don’t either. I also could have sworn we were going to cut funding from the anti-American and Anti-Israeli, U.N. Guess, I was mistaken.

The best thing you can argue is Gorsuch, but you cannot say anything definitive about that as of now. Only time will tell. We just hope he isn’t another disappointment.

Another area in which you fail to understand is the idea that we are somehow Anti-Trump and Pro-GOP. The GOP continually lies to us. They run on conservative principles like repealing ObamaCare and defunding Planned Parenthood, and they don’t do any of it.

You have to understand; It’s more anti-GOP than anti-Trump. Trump is no conservative. If we get a few things conservative out of him, it is better than what we would have gotten from Hillary. We get that. But Hillary shouldn’t be in the equation anymore. She lost.

Now, we must objectively grade the GOP Legislature and the President. In my humble opinion, they are both failing. I want action. If Trump or the Legislature does something positive. I will give them the credit they deserve, but you have to understand. For the most part, conservatives like me don’t see all these great accomplishments. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see it.

For me at least, I am more gracious to Trump knowing he isn’t a conservative and he didn’t run as a conservative. The GOP, on the other hand, ran on conservative principles. I’m tired of but Obama, but Democrats, but Hillary. How about once and for all we do, but Conservatism.

You see, we have realized the scam. The scam of passing an ObamaCare repeal bill fifty times and then when Trump gets in, you back peddle it and lie to us that you wanted to repeal it. Or how about defunding Planned Parenthood and moving to stop the murder of millions of babies. You see, the GOP could do that, but if they did that, they would lose the millions of dollars and votes they get from conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, every election cycle. You see they have to keep the false binary choice of “but” going. They always need just one more seats, election cycle, and more financial support to finally getting it done.

I can guarantee you one thing. Challenge the supposed conservative pro-life GOP and have them put a bill on the floor that would give all unborn persons Constitutional Rights, at the time of conception. Even if you got rid of the filibuster, this wouldn’t even make it out of committee in the House. It wouldn’t see the time of day. You see, we are onto the GOP scam. It isn’t an anti-Trump thing it’s an anti-liberal GOP thing. Trump must not fall for the liberal GOP scam and must push true conservative policies.

I desperately want Trump and the GOP to succeed, but for me, success is about passing actual conservative bills and policies. I believe this is the only way to succeed because time and time again, these principles we fight to conserve have been proven to be the best possible solution for America and the human condition. That is why I have always stated, “I’m a Conservative that happens to be a Republican and not a Republican that happens to be a Conservative.”

Rebuttal to Townhall article by Dennis Prager.

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