Boy Scouts to admit girls. Is this wrong?

The Boy Scouts of America are no more. The scouting board of directors unanimously voted to allow girls to become Cub Scouts and continue in the Boy Scouts to earn the organization’s highest honor of Eagle Scout. There are two questions that we should be asking ourselves. Should we change the name to Scouts of America instead and is this a good move?

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Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls, Allow Them to Earn Eagle Scout Rank – NBC News Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday that girls will soon be allowed to become Cub Scouts and to earn the coveted rank of Eagle Scout, the organization’s highest honor.

Starting next year, young girls can join Cub Scout units, known as dens. Local scouting organizations can choose to have dens for girls and dens for boys. “Cub Scout dens will be single-gender — all boys or all girls,” the organization said in a statement.

Boy Scouts to begin admitting girls“We believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children. We strive to bring what our organization does best – developing character and leadership for young people – to as many families and youth as possible as we help shape the next generation of leaders,” he continued.

Boy Scouts will allow girls to join – CNN Boy Scouts of America’s board of directors has unanimously agreed to welcome girls into the Cub Scout program and to forge a path for older girls to pursue and earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout, the organization said Wednesday.


Final Thoughts

I believe that Boy Scouts should change their name to the Scouts of America. With the inclusion of girls into the organization, it’s nonsensical to continue to distinguish yourself with the identification of Boy(s) when your not about helping young boys become men. If your organization is about scouting and producing good citizens regardless of gender, then you should and must change your name to reflect your new mission statement.

The other question is this a good move or not, isn’t up to me, but up to the parents to decide what is best for their child. I was never a scout, and I don’t have children. I Iove hiking and the outdoors, and if I had a daughter, I would want her to have the skills of a scout. Does this mean I would want my daughter to join the Boy Scouts? No, I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t want my son joining the Scouts as well.

The reason is that the goal of the Boy Scouts was to teach boys how to become men, and not just men but godly men. The Boy Scouts abandoned that years ago. I for one would rather have my sons learn how to become men of God primarily through my teaching/example and then our church. If I were to supplement it with scouting, I would rather have them join Trail Life USA; a Christian, local church-based scouting organization.

To me, the idea of scouts and scouting was a tool to bring boys together in order to disciple them in an environment that would reinforce the teaching of what it means to be a man. To look at the character of the perfect man, Christ Jesus, and teach them what God expects of them as men.

If there weren’t an organization for girls to teach them how to become godly women and teach them valuable skills taught in scouting, then I would take it upon myself along with my future wife to teach her.

The one thing that I have noticed with Christian parents and non-Christian parents alike is that they don’t take the time to properly disciple their children. Children are a gift from God, and it’s not only about the quality of time but quantity as well. Invest in your children, teach them and love them and guide their development from childhood to adulthood. Don’t expect the schools, the church, the scouts, or any other organization to raise your children. Know their friends and the groups they associate with. Don’t be an absentee parent. If your children are your most precious gift, then act like it. Be a parent and choose wisely for your children.

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