Los Angeles a perfect example for Trickle-up-Taxation

We all know that California is the most populous state in the nation, but did you know that based on population many of our counties have a larger population than many states.

Los Angeles is the perfect example of a county that is large enough to be its own state. If Los Angeles County were its own state, it would be the 10th largest state in the Union.

That is right, with over 10 million residents it would have a population slightly under North Carolina and slightly over Michigan.

If we looked at Los Angeles based on its geographical size, it is over four and a half times larger than Rhode Island.  It is almost two and a half times larger than Delaware, and nearly the size of Connecticut.

So if Los Angeles just like much of the state’s counties are larger either by size, population or both to be their own state why can’t they have more control over their own communities? Why do we need to have an overbearing centralized government in Sacramento determining what is best for our own communities?

Los Angeles just like every other county has its unique issues and problems. Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow Los Angeles to have more flexibility to meet the demands of their residents? Shouldn’t they keep the bulk of the money they pay in taxes so they can use it to fix their roads, parks, address the homeless issues, reinvest in schools and community center, and build more affordable housing?

Shouldn’t they be able to have more regulatory authority to streamline projects and create high paying jobs in their own community? Shouldn’t the residents of Los Angeles determine what is best for their community, instead of bureaucrats far removed from Los Angeles?

I believe they should as so should other counties and cities throughout California, and that is why I created Trickle-up-Taxation so that we can address the unique needs of our own communities.

Just think about it this way. If a bigger centralized government is better why not just get rid of the states and have the federal government? The answer is, it wouldn’t be better because the federal government should be limited to things that it is best suited to do and the state should be limited to address the needs that affect the state as a whole and should leave local matters to the people and their local representatives.

That is how we use to do things in this county and our state before.

Did you know before our current form of centralized government in Sacramento the state had limited responsibilities for programs and narrow tax authority and that counties were the most prominent level of government, with the greatest budgetary responsibilities and revenue streams? – (Source: California Controller’s Office)

So why not go back to a system that works but modernize it via Trickle-up-Taxation that meets the realities of a 21st-century economy, instead of a stagnant overbearing centralized government which governs us on a tax code and regulatory structure that has been around since The Great Depression.

It’s time we caught up with the times in California and embrace a new model of governance based on a formula we know that works and modernize it to meet the needs of a diverse California.

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