Resurrecting Conservatism is about applying tried and tested conservative principles to the challenges we face today. This requires innovative thinking to not only solve these problems with new bold ideas and solutions but how to articulate the solution to a wide audience of diverse political views in order to resurrect a conservative worldview in America.

Resurrecting Conservatism – Our viewpoint is primarily a classical liberal position of individual liberty, limited government,  capitalism, and local control.

We hold to a conservative constitutional federalist form of government. We wish to conserve the classical liberal principles that founded America. Even though our Founders were far from perfect they established a system and form of government that would foster freedom, limited government, and individual liberty.

We wish to conserve those principles and help resurrect a truly representative government of The People, By the People, and For the People.

Konstantinos Roditis is Editor-in-Chief of Resurrecting Conservatism as well as a contributing author/editor at NOQReport and a contributor to Tax Notes & The New Americana. He has been featured in The Daily Wire, Towhall.com, CRTV, BlazeTV – Steve Deace Show, and many more.

If you would like to write for Resurrecting Conservatism contact us and let us know you want to help resurrect the conservative movement in California.